You Know You Work at a Startup When...

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What is it?'s exactly what it sounds like. YKYWAASW is the first Ruby on Rails application I built. Less a design exercise (i.e. not at all) and more a simple application that I could use as a playground to explore and expand my knowledge of the development process and environment.

Why am I learning to code?
I've been designing products and working with developers for my entire career. After 10+ years, I have cultivated hands-on experience with the entire product development cycle, but my coding skills were/are my weakest area of expertise. I have a strong grasp of what's possible, but I wanted to extend that knowledge base and understanding into some more hands-on code work. The reasoning was two-fold: I wanted to be able to better communicate with developers, and I wanted the ability to bring my own ideas to life.

How am I learning to code?
I recently completed a full-stack development course through The Firehose Project, an online dev course that pairs students with mentors and other students to learn the ins-and-outs of the Ruby on Rails development environment. YKYWAASW is my first FHP project. Now, I'm continuing to expand on my skill through various, small dev projects (like the website you're looking at right now).