Hello, I'm Danny.

I design products that surprise & delight. Most recently focused on the intersection of AI, search, & video.

Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, search, and video.

Videos online are black boxes.
It's never been possible to search inside video to determine what's happening at any given moment. Search engines don't analyze videos; they catalog the text surrounding a video (titles, descriptions, comments, etc.) in order to find potentially relevant content. A search returns full-length videos, forcing a viewer to watch the whole thing — whether it's one minute or one hour — to find the relevant moments.

Until now...
Tagasauris uses AI (a combination of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Human Assisted Computation) to understand video from the inside out. We search inside video, making it easy to find the precise moments users are looking for. And, our technology unlocks new opportunities for creators, publishers, and brands to curate and monetize their video — whether archived or live.

While our approach is sophisticated, the result for users is simple: the ability to quickly and easily discover, consume, explore, and share moments within any video, no matter the source.

See our Technology in Action:

A bit more about me:

  • I'm a product design & strategy leader with 12+ years of design and technology experience and 8+ years managing teams. I've created products/services for both startups and Fortune 500 companies.
  • I've trained and mentored team members who have gone on to found companies of their own and moved on to roles at Facebook, Makerbot, and other tech companies & agencies.
  • Co-Creator of: Date Night Is... and I Wanna Nom.
  • Currently Head of Product at Tagasauris.
    Formerly Director of Product at POKE NY (now called Makeable).
  • Grab a copy of my resume here.


  • Are you a product designer or a product manager? I sit at the intersection of product design & management. I have experience with both disciplines, and I believe that at the senior-most level, the two are inextricably entwined.
  • Are you a "full stack" designer? I am well versed in the capabilities of today's primary technologies. I'm skillful with HTML/CSS and actively working with JavaScript/CoffeeScript for prototyping, primarily in FramerJS.
  • Have you designed for mobile? I have designed multiple iOS applications and many mobile-ready web apps. I'm also familiar with Google's Material design framework.
  • Do you have experience managing & growing teams? I have managed teams ranging from 2-20 people through every aspect of the ideation, presentation, design, and development process. I'm comfortable mentoring young designers & fostering teamwork/growth in an organization.