Hello, I'm Danny.

I'm a product strategist/manager with hands-on design capabilities and a deep marketing background. Recently focused on the intersection of AI, search & discovery, & visual content.

We envision a future founded upon the convergence of visual content, augmented/virtual reality, and artificial intelligence — a future where we no longer simply view content.

We're standing on the precipice of a new era of computing.
We're about to face a fundamental shift in the way that people interact with technology. A shift from the age of "make and view" — constrained by the limitations of flat, 2 dimensional screens to the age of "augment and experience" — enabled by the propagation of AR and VR devices.

The Problem:
As we move from the age of "create and view" into the age of "augment and experience" the images and videos of yesterday fail to provide the data necessary to support emerging technologies and the experiences they afford us.

We're laying the foundation for this new era...
An entirely new type of media is necessary. This new category of media wraps content and its underlying data together into a package capable of supporting — and delivering — enriched, interlinked, adaptive, and immersive experiences.

We call it Augmented Experiential Media.

See our Technology in Action:

A bit more about me:

  • I'm a product strategy & design leader with 12+ years of product, technology, and design experience and 8+ years managing teams. I've created products & services for both startups and Fortune 100 companies as well as globally recognized non-profit organizations.
  • I've trained and mentored team members who have gone on to found companies of their own and moved on to roles at Facebook, Makerbot, and other tech companies & agencies.
  • Co-Creator of: Date Night Is... and I Wanna Nom.
  • Currently Head of Product at Tagasauris.
    Formerly Director of Product at POKE NY (now called Makeable).
  • Contact me for a copy of my resume or to discuss a project or full-time role.


  • Are you a product manager or a product designer? I sit at the intersection of product management & design. I have experience with both disciplines, and I believe that at the senior-most level, the two are inextricably entwined.
  • What are your design capabilities? I'm an experienced UX/UI and visual designer who's created digital work for mobile, responsive web, and installations. In a past life, I also worked on traditional mediums including: print, outdoor, television, and packaging.
  • Do you code? I am well versed in the capabilities of today's primary technologies. I'm skillful with HTML/CSS and actively learning/working with JavaScript/CoffeeScript for prototyping, primarily in FramerJS.
  • Do you have experience managing & growing teams? I have managed teams ranging from 2-20 people through every aspect of the ideation, presentation, design, and development process. I'm comfortable mentoring young designers & fostering teamwork/growth in an organization.